Shared Decision-Making in Prostate Cancer Treatment

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This project seeks to develop a patient-centered decision-making toolkit and implement it at a local urology center to empower patients to make educated decisions about treatment choices for men newly diagnosed with localized prostate cancer. The objectives were to evaluate patient satisfaction with their treatment decision process and determine how many patients sought a second medical opinion. During the implementation of the decision-making toolkit, qualitative data from twenty-two patients were collected at three points of care. Verbal and visual responses to a set of open-ended questions were aggregated and analyzed thematically to evaluate the usefulness of the toolkit in empowering patients to be involved in the decision-making process. All patients who participated in the decision-making process using the toolkit expressed confidence with their treatment decisions and their ability to cope with side effects post-treatment. They provided positive feedback about the toolkit, their experience in the process, and decision satisfaction. In addition, no patients stated the need to seek a second medical opinion. All objectives of this project were met. The toolkit and process of care through the decision-making process were well received by patients and physicians at the urology center. Outcomes of this project led to the recommendation that the toolkit and the process of care become usual practice to support men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Nursing Practice
Nursing, Health Education