A Review of California Legislation and Its Effect on the Disparate Impact in Male Prisons

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The United States of America has been known as a melting pot-where equality is hailed among the most sacred of doctrines and is written into the foundational documents of the society. When examining California’s prison system, however, there appears to be large racial disparities and widespread discrimination within the judicial system and a disparate impact on minorities. California’s legislation has consistently and disparately imprisoned minorities for charges while white populations only receive a warning for the same crime. This study reviewed the past 30 years of California legislation regarding substance abuse and highlighted the disparities in the prison system, as well as the effect of imprisonment on inmates over time. This examination revealed California’s legislation has negatively impacted minorities through disproportionate imprisonment, which lead to further social ostracism and the development of mental disorders.
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
Criminology, Minorities Studies, Law