Moomoomomma: Creation of a Breastfeeding Community Webpage

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Background: More women today breastfeed for shorter periods of time or not at all. Lack of education and promotion has lead society to shame breastfeeding mothers. The drop in breastfeeding rates up to the age of one warrants further research on how to better educate the public on its importance. Purpose: The purpose is to develop a webpage that will help promote and educate individuals about breastfeeding, its benefits, and a breastfeeding mother’s rights. Informal needs assessments suggest that support and education may help to promote further duration of breastfeeding. Secondary data also suggests that further education and support may help to improve a mother’s desire to breastfeed. Creation of a webpage that will promote breastfeeding and education may address these needs. Implementation: Using an informal needs assessment and secondary data, a webpage focusing on breastfeeding education and support was created. Topics to be covered include: breastfeeding and its benefits, a breastfeeding mother’s rights, and exclusively pumping. The site has been promoted on support groups through social media. Conclusion: Further breastfeeding education and promotion is needed. Those who visit the page will become more aware of breastfeeding, its benefits, and a breastfeeding mother’s rights. This page is expected to promote a better understanding and acceptance of breastfeeding within public areas and encourage mothers to breastfeed up to at least the first year of life.
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Public Health
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