Evaluating Public Health Workforce Satisfaction in San Bernardino County

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Over the years, public health departments state and local, as well as other public health agencies, have faced challenges with their workforce. Workplace satisfaction is influenced by factors such as supervisor-subordinate relationships, the opportunity for growth and advancement, and skill development, which directly affect attrition rates. The purpose of this study was to examine the difference in job-related satisfaction for employees in a supervisory and non-supervisory position using an independent samples t-test. An independent samples t-test was also used to evaluate the differences in employees, who do and do not have an intention to leave in the next year, and their average levels of self-reported satisfaction with their job, program, department, supervisor, and job security. A cross-sectional design was utilized to analyze the data gathered in 2021, from a California local jurisdiction public health department. The results demonstrated that there was no significant difference in job satisfaction between individuals working in supervisory and non-supervisory roles. Conversely, a statistically significant difference was found among all five categories of satisfaction, based on the employee's intention to leave or not leave work at the public health department within the next year. As such, further research should aim at developing and improving trainings to support current and future public health professionals.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Public Health
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