Relationship of Occupational Stress on Emotional and Physical Health of Veterinary Technicians

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Veterinary technicians experience unique workplace stressors that result in physical and emotional health issues. Research in understanding these problems in this unique group is sparse or not generalizable. This cross-sectional online survey aimed to investigate the relationship between veterinary technician occupational stress and corresponding emotional and physical health throughout an entire Southern California county. A volunteer sample of 122 licensed veterinary premises were recruited in a Southern California county. A Pearson correlation was performed to answer the research questions and results showed that workplace stress was negatively associated with veterinary technician physical health and emotional health. On this basis, it is recommended that additional research be taken to further understand the relationship between workplace stress and physical health in this unique group. Moreover, the creation of health instruments appropriate to the veterinary field should be undertaken
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Public Health
Public Health, Veterinary Science