Community Policing Phenomenon: Perceptions of Congregational Members of Faith-Based Organizations on Community Policing in Two Multicultural Community Districts in San Diego, California

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The current nationally polarized views on law enforcement indicate a dearth of mistrust between communities and law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers swore to protect and serve those same communities. This deficiency in law enforcement culture suggests a necessity for an accurate and efficient evaluation of the current community policing phenomenon. These inadequacies indicate additional concerns that affect the heart of community policing. This absence necessitates legitimacy and efficiency characteristics by using collaboration between the community, law enforcement, and elected officials to problem-solve and derive working solutions to concerns that detract from community safety and security. The research questions were designed to accentuate the participant’s actual lived experiences concerning the phenomenon of community policing from their perception. The participants’ responses provided significant evidence for determining desired community policing practices, emphasizing transitioning from current policing approaches to one desired by the communities served. This phenomenological research was intended to provide reliable feedback on the current community policing phenomenon practices from the perception of participants who have lived the experience of this community policing phenomenon firsthand.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Public Administration
Public Administration, Public Policy, Criminology